Acupuncture for Tennis and Golf Elbow

Acupuncture and Elbow Pain in Palm Beach Gardens Florida


By Matthew Enright AP, DOM (AP1711) – Palm Beach Gardens, Florida – When medical professionals reference tennis (lateral epicondylitis) and golf elbow (medial epicondylitis), they are talking about two overload tendon problems that are caused by consistent trauma to the flexor ( for golf elbow) and extensor (for tennis elbow) forearm muscles. Tennis elbow is responsible for pain at the lateral and upper part of the arm. It also causes tenderness and stiffness. Golf elbow is responsible for medial pain in the elbow.

Generally, doctors treat these elbow conditions with corticosteroid injections or NSAIDs. The patient also receives advice on a few lifestyle changes that might help them deal with the pain. In extreme cases, the patient has to go under the knife. However, almost 90% of tennis and golf elbow sufferers recover within a year of the onset of pain.

For some time now, acupuncture has been gaining traction when it comes to dealing with the problems above, easily overshadowing Western approaches. Acupuncture is safe, has no side effects and does not cause pain. It also ensures recovery after just 6-10 sessions in most cases. In our Palm Beach Gardens location we have been successfully treating elbow pain from a variety of causes for over 15 years now.

Acupuncture for Tennis Elbow and Golf Elbow

Acupuncture is one aspect of the broader concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine. For centuries now, it has been used to treat all types of pain, and elbow pain is no exception. It works on the principles of Qi (energy) as well as the Yin and Yang balancing forces of the body. The logic is that if Qi can flow through the body unobstructed, then it runs through meridians whose work is to help keep the body nourished. When Qi cannot flow freely, then diseases are the result.

When you have elbow pain, it means that the Qi along the arm has been blocked. An acupuncturist will unblock this energy by placing needles at predetermined points such as the hand, elbow and other areas where meridians are thought to run through.

The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Hannover Medical School in Hannover, Germany, put out an intensive study in the recent decade backing the efficacy of acupuncture in dealing with elbow pain and shortening recovery times. In Europe, acupuncture and homeopathic modalities are largely popular in first line treatments for these conditions and for one reason, they are superbly effective.

If you have been struggling  with elbow pain, tennis or golf elbow, or any other condition affecting the elbow or arm, then the experienced acupuncture doctors  here in Palm Beach Gardens are ready to help. We believe in the power of acupuncture and have applied it extensively in treating many across the board. Our clinic offers free consultation and walks you through the various stages of treatment to give you an understanding of how it works. Give us a call today!