Acupuncture for Back Pain

Acupuncture for Back Pain in Palm Beach Gardens

By Matthew Enright AP, DOM (AP1711) – Palm Beach Gardens, Florida – People all over the globe are facing low back pain problems. It is said that out of a random group of 5 people, four of them will certainly experience back pain once in their lifetime. Back pain is a serious health condition that requires the affected persons to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Chinese medicine and acupuncture have been validated by researchers as the most effective solutions for back pain.

By now our society knows about acupuncture and its relation to low back pain. It is one of the most commonly treated conditions in most clinics. This form of treatment that we use in Palm Beach Gardens was developed approximately 2500 years ago by the Chinese people. The technique has been used for centuries, and is still being used today to solve pain in the shoulders, knees and lower back.

You pretty much know when the back pain you are experiencing has become a problem. When it lasts for days, weeks or longer and it’s not just simple stiffness. Here are some symptoms that most experience that lead them to seek help:

  1. Start having either a sharp or mild pain at the lower side of your back
  2. Have problems doing normal stuff like walking, standing or even sitting
  3. Start feeling pain in areas such as the inner thighs, buttocks and on the groin
  4. Experience muscle spasms in your legs, buttocks, lower back or the groin
  5. Feel sore and tender whenever you attempt to touch your lower back
  6. Feel pain running down the back to the feet through the sides

Pam Beach Gardens Acupuncture can help you if you are having these symptoms. We have treated low back pain with acupuncture successfully almost on a daily basis.

How it works

According to research, acupuncture is responsible for the stimulation of endorphins. Endorphins suppress pain in the body while promoting the feeling of wellness. Acupuncture, according to the Chinese medical tradition, draws its functionality from an ancient belief that the body is composed of energy flow patterns. The energy flow patterns are also known as “qi”. It means life force. The qi flows through channels known as meridians.

Apart from stimulating endorphins, acupuncture also causes natural opioids to be released. Opioids, which are released by the brain, relieve pain and induce more restful sleep. Acupuncture is also responsible for blocking pain receptors. This happens due to its capability to alter the release patterns of neurotransmitters and neuro hormones.

Acupuncture also aids in blood circulation while also working as an anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory agent. It has long term effects, a property that makes it the most preferred way of treating lower back pain. It also has no negative side effects.

Mode of treatment

The physicians at Palm Beach Gardens Acupuncture must first know about your medical history and general health before treating your lower back pain. You will need to answer questions about your back pain, and whether you had previously been treated. The cause of your back pain is then established  via a physical exam. Patients must disclose as much information as possible about their condition.

A thorough evaluation and exam is performed, followed by a proper treatment plan. From there, the patient is ready to undergo treatment. Treatment begins with the insertion of sterile and painless needles at specific points in the body. These points are usually known as acupuncture points. The (thin and short needles) remain in the body for roughly 20 minutes. Change should be seen after a few of treatments. It however varies from one person to another, depending on the condition. In most cases low back pain can be successfully treated within 4- 6 treatments, with Chinese cupping and some Chinese herbs added to complement the acupuncture treatment and to facilitate quick recuperation.

Why you should opt for acupuncture treatment

Palm Beach Gardens Acupuncture offers a free consultation so we can understand your condition and explain how our methods can help you achieve relief.  Patients get to see how the treatment works, and how it can restore their health. Call our licensed, skilled team of acupuncture physicians today to get started!