Dr. Maria Madrigal, AP

Maria Madrigal, licensed acupuncturistDr. Maria Madrigal is nationally board certified in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and is licensed to practice in the State of Florida. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in health sciences pre-clinical. After graduating she worked at Boca Clinic of Integrative Medicine as a chiropractic assistant for five years, gaining experience with providing care for physical pain, injuries, and overall health and wellness.

Maria went on to pursue her studies and attended and graduated from the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine, while continuing to work alongside with chiropractors and physical therapists which helped her with a better understanding of the human anatomy and how to alleviate pain.

She also studied under world renowned Neurologist/Gynecologist, Dr Fu Di (MD, China) specializing in women’s health issues and pain management. She then wanted to further her education and is now finishing her Doctorate Degree at the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine expanding her knowledge and specializing in women’s health and gynecology, psychological conditions, digestive disorders, pain management, and chronic conditions. She is currently working on her Capstone focusing on the treatment of acupuncture and herbs on female gynecological conditions.

Maria also worked under world renowned Tom Corbin (Acupuncture Physician and Ph.D.) specializing in Auricular Acupuncture. Auricular acupuncture can be used for the treatment of physical injuries, psychological disorders such as anxiety and PTSD, and digestive disorders.

Maria had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica and had the chance to learn from great western and eastern practitioners. She has shared some of her knowledge in Chinese Medicine traditions with the locals and was able to treat patients of different age groups for a variety of different chronic conditions. She is fluent in the Spanish language and is an excellent communicator and understanding in the differences in cultures.

She brings a dynamic approach to health and wellness and is a very caring and compassionate practitioner and is open and understanding of all individuals and accommodating her treatments to all different lifestyles. She believes that the eastern approach to health and wellness is not an alternative route to medicine, but instead a with/and approach and together can achieve even better and quicker results. Her purpose is to work alongside her patients in order to push the body in the right direction, and re-balance and change the narrative on pain and different conditions in order to reach one’s optimum level of health and wellness.